History of the company and qualifications



Always in the same family hands since its foundation in 1925, ECTP is today the result of three generations work with identical motivations:

  • security and wellbeing of the workers
  • quality of the products
  • respect of the environment
  • research and development in collaboration with the users
  • flexibility of SME


On a 10.000 m² covered surface, the raw materials are controlled and transformed daily into unshaped products of quality. Those are used in various industries such as the iron and steel industry, the foundry (ferrous and nonferrous), cement factory, glass industry, chemical industry, municipal incinerators,…

All unshaped products are treated by sophisticated machines ensuring a stable production and combining the security and the wellbeing of the operators.



      Chaussée de Dinant, 39

      B-5537 Anhée

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